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"Quality begins with Me"

Picture Gallery 


Our Valued Patrons who visited QAS-India

The Nut Company with QAS

M/s Barrow, Lane & Ballard Ltd at QAS-India

M/s Greenangle with Quality Assurance

The Nut Company with Quality Assurance

M/s Golden Boy Food at Quality Assurance

M/s Cetecom with Quality Assurance

M/s Harmony Foods Corporation with Quality Assurance

The Richard Franco Agency .Inc with Quality Assurance

M/s Africa Products with Quality Assurance

Quality Certifications

Chief Executive, Mr.Prasanna Kumarji at ISO Certification Ceremony of Krishna Hebals'

Shri Gangadharan Pillai recieving the ISO certificate, on behalf of QASL from Mr.Radhakrishnan of RINA

M/s Krishna Herbals

Cashew Specimens

Cashew Samples 1

Cashew Samples 2

Cashew Samples 3

Cashew Specimens 4

Cashew Specimens 5

QASL Pictures

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Sartorius Balance ( Electronic Balance)

Auto Karl Fischer titrator for moisture analysis

Disintegration Apparatus

Dissolution Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus

Foam Pipette

Phytosanitary Evaluation

Fume Cupboard

Hot Air Oven for dry heat sterilization


Colony Counter


Laminar Air Flow

Resource Library Unit-5

Infrared Moisture Balance

UV Spectrophoto meter

Autoclave for moisture sterilization

UV Spectrophotometer

Auto Karlfischer Titrator


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