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"Quality begins with Me"



QAS - India

Quality Assurance (QAS-India) - Quilon, Kerala, India was born in 1994 to help and assist the buyers, to remove their anxieties and hardships. Subsequent to the globalization of economy and introduction of free trade, the statutory governance of quality issues was done away within India in the nineties. Mr. P.R.Prasannakumarji (Babu) who had about three decades of QC experience in the Govt. organizations founded QAS in July 1994 in Quilon, often hailed as the Mecca of cashew nuts. Export trade in food and agricultural products has always been plagued with problems of quality, quantity, price, hygiene, packing, delayed deliveries etc.. The buyer sitting thousands of kilometers away was most often unable to control many of these factors. 

QAS - India Services

Quality Inspections

QAS inspects and verifies the quantity, weight and quality of Cashews, Spices, Water, Food items and other Agricultural products. Inspection typically takes place at the exporters' premises or at time of loading.


Quality Testing

QAS tests product quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards. QAS owns a state of the art laboratory. QAS certifies that the inspected cashews meet the requirements of standards set by international buyers (QAS Clients), governments or by standardization bodies . QAS also develops and certifies its own standards.


Raw nuts Sampling

Quality Tests and sampling are done for raw nuts supplied to Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation and CAPEX. Many other importers of raw cashew nut of different origin are also availing this service of QAS-India.


Quality Training

QAS offers technical training on all Quality Assurance related Principles



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