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"Quality begins with Me"




Facilities offered @ QASL




QASL  offers  a   custom  made  training  programme  of  eight  weeks duration  for Graduates / Post Graduates in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry or Microbiology. Those who have just completed their exams and awaiting the results can also apply.

  • When does the training start?

          The training starts by first week of October ending mid December.

  • Eligibility Criterion

Graduates/Post Graduates in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry or Microbiology. Those who have appeared for final exams also are eligible to attend.

  • The course content

The   course  covers  lectures and practicals in food safety  analysis which includes both chemical and  microbiological  tests. 

Major instruments like Gas Chromatograph, HPLC and UV/VIS spectrophotometer are involved in the analysis. An introduction to  Quality Management systems like ISO, GMP, GLP and HACCP is also envisaged.


The course in a nutshell

QASL  offer  you on-hand  training  in  chemical  and  microbiological  analysis of food and  processed  food, water,  drugs & cosmetics  which  includes both  practicals  and theory. This training will equip you to take up an analysts career in food safety labs, food processing centres, analytical labs etc.

The Advantages

Once   you   are  trained  in  an  ISO  certified  lab  like QASL, you  have  an edge  over  others in  getting an entry  in  to an analytical

laboratory. Further you get ample opportunity to handle modern analytical instruments.

On  successful   completion  of the course  you get a certificate which will act as  a catalyst in fulfillment of your dream of becoming a  Scientist / Research Officer / Quality Control Officer.



Enroll yourself  today by sending your application to the Course Director, Quality Assurance Laboratories, Cutcheri ward, Kollam -13.





Study Centre for B.Sc & M.Sc Chemistry / Microbiology project work.


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 Projects done at QASL


Academic Year 2006 - 07

B.Sc Projects

  1. A critical survey of microbiological  parameters of packaged drinking water

  2. An assessment of microbial quality parameters of frozen fish and fish products                  

  3. Extraction, Estimation and Analysis of Peanut oil from Peanuts                                                               

  4. Microbiology of ice creams                                                                                             

  5. Extraction, Purification and Characterisation of Aflatoxin in food                             

  6. Estimation of Methionine in leguminous grains

  7. A comparative evaluation of microbiological parameters of different types of drinking water            

  8. Isolation and evaluation of lipids from Almonds                                                           

  9. Detection of Aflatoxin in Spice powders 


M.Sc Projects  

  1. Comparative evaluation of piperine from Long pepper and Black pepper

  2. A critical survey of iodised salt and estimation of iodine in iodised salt

  3. Extraction and estimation of Tannins from tea leaves

  4. Spectrophotometric estimation of carbohydrates in fruits

  5. Quality evaluation of Amoxicillin capsules

  6. Extraction and Estimation of Tannins from Myrobalans

  7. Biosynthesis of yellow pigments from unidentified fungal culture              

  8. Optimization of culture conditions for pigment production in candida species    

  9. Estimation of Total free amino acids in vegetables

  10. Comparative study of quality parameters of Indian Black pepper             

  11. Assessment of PFA standards of wheat products

  12. Evaluation  of quality criteria of dried Ginger

  13. Proximate composition of shelled fish

  14. Isolation and analysis of peanut oil from peanuts

  15. Extraction of volatile oil from cardamom and assessment of quality                    

  16. Studies on mycotoxins and detection of aflatoxin in cattle feed                

  17. Hydrodistillation of essential oil from oscimumsanctum and analysis by Gas chromatography

  18. Cashew quality indices and estimation of residual aluminium phosphide in fumigated kernels

  19. Evaluation of beta –Carotene from Pumpkins  and water melons            

  20. Quality analysis of metronidazole tablets based on Indian Pharmacopeia         

  21. A comparative study on the proximate composition of milk samples of different origin

  22. Investigations on the nutritive parameters of milk samples                        

  23. Extraction and evaluation of piperine from piper longum

  24. Isolation and estimation of piperine from long pepper

  25. Estimation of Methionine in leguminous grains

  26. Investigations on methionine in legume grains- A comparative study                  

  27. Evaluation of the chemical parameters of linseed oil and olive oil            

  28. A comparative study on the chemical indices of flax oil and olive oil                    

  29. Extraction and estimation of glucose in cereal grains

  30. Evaluation of certain quality parameters of rice, wheat and ragi               

  31. Studies on dissolution profiles of paracetamol tablets under different pH and temperature

  32. Dependence of pH and temperature on the dissolution pattern of paracetamol tablets

  33. A critical evaluation of iodine in iodised salt

  34. A comparative evaluation of Tannins in tea leaves of different origin study                                 

  35. Estimation of glucose in Dates, papaya and water melon

  36. Estimation of essential chemical parameters of  coconut oil from different sources      

  37. An hplc assay of Ranitidine tablets                      

  38. A spectroscopic analysis of Trimethoprim tablets by Indian Pharmacopoeia    

  39. HPLC analysis an d identification of Rantac tablets

  40. Isolation and identification of cinnamon oil from cassia

  41. Synthesis and characterization of poly(methyl methacrylate)                     

  42. Inverse suspension polymerization of crosslinked poly(acrylamides)                   

  43. Isolation and identification of caffeine from coffee beans

  44. Extraction and estimation of almond oil from almonds

  45. An investigative study on the presence of pesticideresidues in leafy vegetables           

  46. Purification and characterization of triacylglycerols in natural oils

  47. One-pot synthesis of DVB-crosslinked poly (methacrylate)

  48. Solvent imbibition studies of divinyl benzene crossliked poly(methyl methacrylate)

  49. Poly(N-Vinyl pyrrolidone)- Synthesis and characterization             

  50. Synthesis and characterization of divinyl benzene crosslinked poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone)



Academic Year 2005 - 06

  1. “Quality Control in Cashews”

  2. “Detection of Hexa ChloroCyclohexane in Cashew kernels using GC An- investigative study”

  3. “Studies on Aflatoxin and its Characterization  using TLC”.

  4. “A Critical study of GC detection of Endosulphan in Cashews”

  5. “Studies on the Detection of Pesticide residues in Cashewnut  kernels using GC”

  6. “Investigation on Aspergillus flavus in nuts and detection of Aflatoxin using TLC”

  7. “A Critical Study on Quality parameters of Aromatic rice”

  8. “Quality Assurance of Toilet soaps –An Investigative study”

  9. “Detection of aflatoxin and Benzene Hexachloride in edible nuts by Chromatographic  technique

  10. Extraction and Spectrophotometric estimation of Tannins in cashew Testa

  11. Proximate Composition of Ricebran and Ricebran Oil

  12. Edible vegetable Oils and their Quality analysis

  13. A survey of  Quality Concepts of Laundry Soaps

  14. Packaged Drinking water and Health Hazards-Evaluation of  quality by Indian standards

  15. Evaluation of Quality of Paracetamol Tablets as per Indian Pharmacopoeia

  16. Investigative studies on Citric Acid and vitamin C in Citrus Fruits  juice

  17. Phytochemical Investigation on Orange peel Extract

  18. Correlation studies on Different Methods of Moisture Analysis in  Cashew Kernels

  19. Proximate Composition of Industrially Important Cashew Kernels

  20. Varietal variation on The Physicochemical Characteristics of Indian Rice

  21. Extraction and Enrichment of Tannins from Cashewnut testa

  22. Quality Evaluation of spices and Extraction of Volatile Oils by Hydrodistillation

  23. Extraction of Tannins FromTea leaves and Estimation by UV Spectrophotometry

  24. A comparative study on Quality Parameters of Toilet and Laundry Soaps

  25. Proximate Composition of Packaged Milk Sample

  26. Adultrants and Preservatives in Packaged and Raw Milk-A Critical Evaluation

  27. Studies on Solvent Interaction Behaviour of  Crosslinked Poly - acrylamides                 

  28. A study on the Extraction and Isolation of Caffeine and Tannins from Tea leaves  

  29. RawRice and Parboiled Rice-A Comparative study based on quality Parameter

  30. Gas Chromatagraphic Detection of Endosulphan in Cloves

  31. Proximate Composition of Indian Food Fish

  32. Studies On Carbaryl in Cashew and its Detection by GC

  33. Quality Analysis and Detection of HexaChloro Cyclohexane in Black Pepper

  34. Waterbinding Studies in Crosslinked Polyacrylamide films 

  35. Extraction and Quantitation of Curcumin from Turmeric powder

  36. Extraction and Quantitation of Starch from Starchy Material

  37. Studies on Extraction and Quantitation of Lycopene from natural Source 

  38. Extraction and Isolation of Piperine from Black Pepper

  39. Swelling studies of  Functionalized

  40. Extraction and Estimation of b-Carotene from Carrot,Musambi and Lemon

  41. Quality Analysis of Ampicillin Capsules based on Indian Pharmacopoeia

  42. Extraction and Quantitation of Capsaicin from Chillies  

  43. Isolation & Comparitive evaluation of Nicotine in chewing & cigaratte tobaco.



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